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    How did Hitler take near absolute control of Germany?

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This site is dedicated to understanding the events leading up to, and supporting, the rise of Nazism, World War II, and all the many tragedies and holocausts associated with it – especially the conflict known as “the German Church War”.

Understanding the German Church War is crucial to understanding the whole series of horrors we associate with the Third Reich/World War II era. The place to begin studying the events of this period, it seems to me, is the Bethel (Beth-El, “The House of God”) Institution in Westphalia, Germany, perhaps the largest Protestant charitable institution in the world serving the sick and disabled that the Nazis labeled “life unworthy of life”.

Short answers to some of the important questions people have about that period are linked to the photos above, but the fuller answers are to be found in the pdf manuscript War Comes To God’s House: The German Church War, World War, Euthanasia, Holocaust … and US linked through the main menu above.